Led tv’s common failures include Backlight failures , broken HDMI sockets , or general power faults

Sound but blank screen can be a backlight issue or a loss of video information fault .Many backlight issues can be sorted in home on the first visit , on occasions a set of LED bars could be required or indeed , may be your preferred option .Once the screen is apart i will be able to give you the options , this varies from screen to screen


The older LCD tv’s are still great televisions , reliable and well worth repairing .Many LCD faults regard start up from cold which could have progressed gradually over a few days to the point where the tv refuses to come on.If this is your symptom and you were happy with the functionality beforehand , give me a call and there’s a really good chance it will be up and running same day


You still have a plasma TV ? Lucky you

Excellent picture , sound and reliability and well worth hanging onto if it can be repaired , it’s certainly worth a phone call